Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012: An Opinionated, Vehement Conservative Rant

You know, I try and keep this blog limited to expressing what God teaches me.  But today I'm going to talk about the 2012 Presidential election.  I do this because I have some very strong opinions that I want to voice, and because this is a place I can freely do that.

Today is November 7, 2012, the day after the election.  I am not proud to be an American today, nor am I proud of this nation.  I am disappointed, angry - take your pick of negative emotions.  I am ashamed.  I am sad, sorrowful and disturbed.  I am heartbroken.

The many reasons why I feel this way stem from the President we have re-elected.  So let's talk about Mr. Obama and his policies.

This is a man who, in his very first days of office, decided to take a gift from one of our greatest allies and return it to them.  It was a bust of Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister who worked hand in hand with Roosevelt to win WWII.  In returning this gift from Great Britain, Mr. Obama might just as well have returned the Statue of Liberty to the French.  He treated the gift from Britain as if it came from WalMart and he wanted a refund.

This man went on a tour of the middle east, apologised to the very countries from who the 9/11 terrorists originated, and then refused to visit our ally, Israel.  You can't be in the neighborhood, visit everyone, and then unobtrusively neglect to visit the most important friend you have in that very neighborhood.  This isn't just bad manners.  It is horrendously bad foreign policy.

This man affords our "inalienable" rights to those same terrorists.  What irony!  Apparently you can take down the World Trade Center towers and get a civil trial in America.  Perhaps we should sue them for killing so many Americans.

Mr. Obama embraces abortion with open arms, calling it a choice that women should be able to make.  The bottom line?  A human life is a human life.  A potential human life (as Hillary Clinton calls it) is still a human life.  Every law we have about the killing of humans punishes those who do it -- every law but those regarding abortion.  The hypocrisy of this is absurd.

This man equates rights for homosexuals with the civil rights movement.  There is a gaping chasm of difference between the lifestyle choices of free, privileged Americans and the struggle of minorities to achieve racial equality.  Obama continues to afford the gay community "equal rights" in a way that punishes those who have a religious objection to the lifestyle choice.  He does this by enacting laws that impose requirements on those whose beliefs are in direct opposition to homosexuality.  Marriage, a religious institution by definition, has been redefined to include the very unions which most religions reject.  Instead of offering an alternative, he continues to choose to alienate those who regard marriage as sacred.  In doing this, he rejects their freedom of religion.  Didn't we start this country on the basis of religious freedom?

This man has presided over the greatest recession in our history, where unemployment has rivaled that of the great depression.  Instead of implementing policy that would stimulate jobs, he has expanded entitlements.  To pay for the entitlements, he has taxed the middle class -- which is quickly joining the group who need the entitlements (and don't pay taxes).  Honestly, I thought he was smarter than that.

Mr. Obama has limited the drilling of oil and blocked an essential pipeline before alternative energy sources are in place and used, thereby allowing the price of oil to skyrocket at the expense of the taxpayer base.

This man wants to expand our borders with an immigration policy that affords every American right and privilege to those who are not citizens of this country.  We invite them to share in our education and entitlements.  Indeed, we are the "land of the free."  We used to be a place where immigrants came to build a better life, not get one handed to them on the backs of our tax-paying citizens.

This man is working to eliminate nuclear weapons in America -- except that the rest of the world is increasing theirs.  He is "leading the way" by gradually eliminating our ability to defend ourselves against a nuclear attack.  He cut defense spending in order to help pay for his national healthcare bill, yet another entitlement.  So, basically he robbed our military families - those who defend the very country he leads - to give free handouts to those who again, do not pay the very taxes that provide the entitlements they get.  He should not be surprised when many of those military families are required to line up to receive the very entitlements.

My daughter told me yesterday that when various European nations were polled, they said they'd rather see President Obama continue for the next four years.  My response?  Consider the sources.  Most of these European countries are in financial ruin due to their liberal policies and irresponsible spending and taxation.  My next response?  Perhaps they will care more when China completely controls the world's economy.

I am starting to think that a 4-year term limit for a President is an excellent idea.

While I stand unmoving in my belief that our faithful God is on his throne and in control of everything, I look at the nations of the Old Testament.  Did He bless those who turned away from Him?  Absolutely not.  And why?  Because He can't.  He is an umbrella to those who wisely do the smart thing.  Everything that is apart from a principle of God results in disaster.  It is because He loves us that He advises us to stay grounded on his principles.  When we decide to follow other paths, we walk about from under that umbrella.  He is not demanding or judgmental - He just doesn't want us to get hurt.  We should not be fooled, because what goes around comes around.  Every adult knows that we pay for our mistakes.  It is no less true of a country.

The answer to our long unemployment lines?  Move to China.  Or better yet, get a job with the federal government.  Just make sure it's not as an ambassador to a nation like Libya, that houses terrorists and with a long history of hatred toward Americans.  Don't expect the Commander in Chief of the very nation you represent to defend you.  Your life will be your own to risk.

Or don't bother with a job at all.  Just sign up for one of the many perks we freely hand out.  Better hurry, though, before the whole thing comes crashing down and there aren't any perks left.  Countries like Greece and Spain are proof that there are consequences to simply printing more money.  The majority of Americans have spoken loudly to support what amounts to a socialist approach to government.  God help us all.


  1. Well said... I couldn't agree with you more. I'm very sad and quite scared about the path our government/country is travelling down.


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